An artful workshop- A very special event

A special event with Dental Guilds:

The 27th of September 2008 was a special day. The Dental Guilds proudly invited people to a different kind of dental workshop.

The management of the Dental Guilds was very surprised about how many people were participating. However, the program seemed to be quite promising


Mr. ZTM Böthel and Dr. Barth held a special presentation about particular dental issues. Both were lecturing with a certain background knowledge. The three hour presentation went by very quickly. In end of the workshop,Dr. Sadowski lectured about “Zircon”. We would like to thank all speakers for a perfect seminar.

After fishing the workshop, participants and speakers went together to the famous “Pulverturm” restaurant- which is located next to the “Dresdner Frauenkirche”. All enjoyed typical Saxon dishes. Moreover, a theater group from Dresden entertained our guests with a funny show. Actors performed as historical Saxon people, such as “August der Strake” or “Countess Cosel”. The show in the restaurant “Pulverturm” was a suitable prelude to our very special after workshop.

The Semperoper:

The big highlight of the evening, after leaving the restaurant, was the Ballet performance -Giselle- in the legendary Dresdner Semperoper.

At the end of a perfect day, the guests did a small small night sightseeing tour through the charming Old town of Dresden...

Upcoming Events:

Nevertheless, we hope that the participants of our special workshop had a positive impression. If so, we would be very pleased to welcome them again.

Please save the following date: 07th - 09th of August 2009 Other special events are planned.
The 2nd Special Event of the Dental Guilds will be in Rostock / Warnemuende. A detailed program will follow shortly!